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    Linkedin Marketing

    LinkedIn is the world’s premier business network with 722 million users as of January 2022. 25% of all American adults use LinkedIn, and 22% of those use it every single day.The main reason? To “strengthen their professional network.” For individuals, it’s a great place to stay in touch with old colleagues, get referrals for new business or look for a new job.

    But how do you effectively market your business on LinkedIn?

    We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about marketing your company on LinkedIn — freshly updated for 2022.

    • ☛ Sponsored text ads

    • ☛ Sponsored posts.

    • ☛ Sponsored messaging.

    • ☛ Sponsored job ad listings.

    • ☛ Photo carousel ads

    Four out of five LinkedIn users have the power to influence business purchase decisions, so ads can be highly successful. With Add4profit Social Advertising, you can create, manage and analyze the performance of all your social ad campaigns across LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook in one dashboard. Add4profit unique analytics unlock new insights by showing the performance of both paid and organic campaigns across all three platforms. You always have the information you need at your fingertips and the ability to tweak campaigns for maximum results.

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    Linkedin Marketing

    • ☛ Create Linkedin Professional Page
    • ☛ Creative Design
    • ☛ Add Setup
    • ☛ Management
    • ☛ Lead Generation
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